With more than 25 years experience as a musician playing for weddings in Orlando and other locales, Central Florida harpist Jan Jennings can make your wedding day memorable! The music played while you walk down the aisle is one of the most important details of the day. What could be more beautiful than harp music or Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” played on the harp? You need a harp player with an impeccable sense of timing to make the music fit the length of your procession and who can play the harp flawlessly. Orlando harpist Jan Jennings has the experience and ability to do that to perfection. The music created by Jan and one of her harps provides more than entertainment. Harp music by Jan Jennings will create a beautiful and lasting memory.

What do you get when you hire Jan Jennings for your wedding?

 A performer with national credentials and considered one of the top harpists in the country; Jan Jennings was recognized in her industry as one of the “prominent movers and shakers of the new millennium” (Harp Column magazine, January 2000)

 The harpist that wrote the book on weddings; As author of “The Harpist’s Complete Wedding Guidebook,” Jan Jennings wrote the text that other harpists use to learn how to play for weddings.

 A harpist with more than 30 years experience playing for weddings of most denominations

 An extensive repertoire; Jan Jennings has more than 8 hours of music committed to memory and thousands of other songs available from her music library.

 A consultation recording that helps you select the music for your ceremony; The recording includes not only samples of music, but actually leads you through a typical wedding service, providing advice and suggestions.

 A harpist who pays attention to every detail; Jan Jennings will coordinate her attire with the colors of your wedding party.

 A written contract with complete details about your event

 A dependable musician with a solid reputation in the community

 A harpist that fits the impression of an angel at the harp: Tall, slender, and golden-haired, Jan presents an image that made writer/producer Carl Reiner comment, “All harpists should look like you!”

Jan Jennings performing with country music legend, Larry Gatlin at a wedding.

A Nationally Recognized Authority on Weddings

As author of “The Harpist’s Complete Wedding Guidebook,” Jan is a nationally recognized authority on weddings and gives seminars teaching other harpists how to do weddings. She was interviewed for an article in the November/December 2003 issue of “Bride’s Magazine.”

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